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#Frequently asked questions

1. What does it mean to apologize with flowers?
Apologizing with flowers means using sorry flowers as a way to express remorse and say sorry for something that you have done wrong. Sending a flower apology will show the recipient that you are really sorry and you care a lot.
2. Can I order sorry flowers for same-day delivery in Toronto through Flower Co.?
Yes. We offer same-day delivery of sorry flowers in Toronto. You can browse our selection of apology flower arrangements on our website and choose the one you like, and we will deliver it to your desired location on the same day.
3. When is it appropriate to use a flower apology?
A flower apology can be used in any situation where you have hurt or upset someone and want to apologize. This could include apologizing to a friend, family member, partner, or colleague after a misunderstanding, argument, or mistake.
4. Can I add a personal message to my apology flower delivery through Flower Co.?
Yes, you can add a personal message to your apology flower delivery when ordering through Flower Co.