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Apply for a Florist Job at Flower Co. Today

Is a florist job the exciting new career you are looking for? If so, Flower Co. has just what you need! We're currently seeking talented individuals to join our team as florists in our flower shop.

In your florist job at Flower Co, you'll be responsible for creating beautiful floral arrangements that bring joy and beauty to our customers' lives. You'll work with a wide variety of fresh flowers and plants to design and create custom bouquets, centerpieces, and other arrangements for a range of occasions, from weddings and anniversaries to birthdays and holidays.

To be successful in your florist job at Flower Co, you'll need to have a keen eye for color and design, as well as a passion for working with flowers. You'll also need to be able to work well under pressure, as flower shop jobs can be fast-paced and demanding, especially during busy times like Valentine's Day and Mother's Day.

Entry Level Florists start at $16/hour and Senior Level Florists start at $20/hour. A candidate must be available to work extended hours and be capable of efficiently putting together artistic bouquets and arrangements, with proper floral mechanics. They must be familiar with proper flower processing techniques demonstrate professionalism be team-oriented, upbeat, and positive.

Frequently asked questions

Why are flowers wrapped in paper?
Paper is frequently used to wrap flowers for a variety of reasons. First, the paper protects the petals and stems of the flowers during delivery and shipping. The paper may also offer support for the bouquet, ensuring that the flowers remain in place and are not harmed. Moreover, flowers wrapped in paper may provide a decorative touch and enhance their aesthetic appeal. In addition, the paper can cover any water or moisture that may seep from the stems, which might potentially cause damage to furniture and other things during transport.
How long will flowers wrapped in paper last?
The longevity of flowers wrapped in paper varies depending on the type of flowers used and how they are maintained. When properly cared for, most flowers will last between five and seven days, although some varieties may last longer or shorter.
How to care for orchids at home?
For understanding how to care for orchids at home, certain steps must be taken. Following the "how to care for orchids" guidelines, one of the most important things is to water the orchids once every week.
How to care for orchids during the dormant period?
During the dormant period, reduce watering to once every 1-2 weeks and avoid fertilizing. Keep the orchid in a cool location with low light, but still provide air circulation to prevent fungal diseases.